Induction coil repair
&  rewind

Furnace removal
& re installation

Furnace upgrade
& Modification

Providing a comprehensive service facility for Induction Heating and Melting furnaces!

On site service  & breakdown  repair

Coilco Ltd,   23 Navigation Way,  Mill Park Industrial Estate, Hawks Green , Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 7XU, United Kingdom

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Induction Furnace

From a 3,500sq ft facility based in the heart of the West Midlands, our skilled and industry trained engineers provide a complete breakdown service for users of all makes, types and sizes of induction melting and heating equip ment. A comprehensive stock of the best quality materials and copper section ensure a fast turnaround, high standard workmanship and quality which is second to none.

Inductotherm, Pillar,Taylormade, Meltech, Radyne, Junker, ABP Induction, IHS, Newelco, Inductelec, Convertron, Inductoheat,  Banyard, Ajax Tocco, Wertli, CEFI , Cheltenham Induction, Birlec. 

Induction furnace coil manufacture